Thursday, October 7, 2010

Magazines, Magazines, Get your Magazines

I was contacted back in August by Pregnancy & Newborn magazine to ask if they could possibly include one of my nursing covers in their October print edition.  I was like....ummm YAHHH!!!  I shipped a nursing cover to their office and then convinced myself it would not be included.  Erring on the side of caution.  My husband came home from work and asked about my day.  I very casually said "oh yah, I was contacted by this magazine today."  He then explained how this was a really big thing and we should celebrate.  My plan worked perfectly...ha-ha.  I reread their e-mail about twenty times trying to read between the lines to see what my odds would be.   They said to contact them at the beginning of September.  I very cautiously typed an e-mail asking if it would be included and they replied YES!  That of course, needed another celebration dinner.  Drum roll it is!!!

Madras Plaid Nursing Cover by LucyJane on Page 26

Thursday, September 30, 2010

{Lucy Jane has been a bit too busy!}

I just realized it has been over a month since my last blog...yikes!  What have I been doing, you might ask.  I think the better question is what have I not been doing...hmmm...sleeping!  The other day I realized that I have sewn over 80 items in one month.  I'm waiting for smoke to come out of my sewing machine, but she has been keeping up with the demand.  I received my first wholesale order this month!  I've had a lot of inquiries, but this little shop just caught my attention.  It was a wonderful first experience and hopefully the beginning of many more.  They were shipped out and should be displayed soon at little boutique in Oakland, Ca - Bella Vita.  I loved this store, because it only carries local or handmade items.

Right after getting this order, it was confirmed that my nursing cover would be included in the October edition of Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine!  I've pinched myself several times to make sure this is all real.

I'll post some pictures from the magazine soon!  I've looked at it so many times and it took all my effort not to skip to the counter at the bookstore.  And then it took all my effort not to show the cashier the page.

I think it goes unsaid, but it is always good to say...thank you to all my friends and family for their encouragement.  They always say do what you love...well that's just what I'm doing!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Three Years, Thousands of Diapers and Lots of Great Memories

About three years, well three years and 10 months if we are getting technical, my husband and I decided it was time to make our family a little larger.  Yes, we thought that our nights were no longer as hectic and our lives were more in order.  We decided that a baby would be a great addition.  Little did we know that baby would soon be babies.  I still remember our first ultrasound when the ultra sound technician announced that "it" had a "friend".  A WHAT???  Yes, we were pregnant with twins.  And so the story goes....

Everything was smooth sailing.  I went shopping for my oh so adorable maternity clothes.  I, of course, envisioned my pregnancy to be one of ease and pure happiness.  Or, at least, that is how they portray it on TV.  It was this vision for about five months, but quickly my body realized there were two babies and things were not so smooth sailing.  Pre-term labor set in and work quickly came to a halt.  My super cute maternity work clothes were traded in for my most comfy stretch pants.  My oh so cute belly quickly turned into something worth eating your dinner off of.  Afternoons were filled with marathons of Law & Order.  I watched the 6am news, the noon news and the 6pm news.  I stared at the walls, figured out baby names and occasionally escaped for trips to the labor and delivery floor.  But, in the end, the boys were boy at 35 weeks and as healthy as could be.

Our Chicago condo was soon traded in for a house in the suburbs of Indianapolis.  Our two door car was upgraded to the Odyssey.  A beer at 2am was traded in for a night feeding at 12am, 2am, 4am, 6am...  The first year was a bit of a blur, but we survived.  We were quickly on to year two and a whole new set of challenges.  They were on the MOVE!  And they haven't stopped since.

I was sitting on the couch one morning when I realized I was about to cry.  I looked down at these two amazing little people and realized they were mine.  I told them "thank you" and in toddler fashion they asked why.  I then explained that they were the reason mommy was doing what she was doing.  You see, I have an engineering degree and if it weren't for these two wonderful little boys, I would still be doing that job.  I have discovered a part of me that makes me full.  I love creating and love what I do.  I pretty much have them to thank.  I tell myself this when it gets frustrating and when times are not easy.  And so with that, I say HELLO and WELCOME year three! 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sneaky Peaky {Fall 2010 Collection}

A little sneak peak of the Fall Collection.  I went into the store the other day and before I could enter the store, back to school items were in sight.  Last summer I watched my little boys learn to run, this summer I've watched them learn to ride tricycles.  What will next summer bring?

On a funny note, we are completely in the "why" stage of toddlers.  The other morning I was opening the mail and heard a little voice say, "Watcha doin".  I explained that I was opening the mail.  Another question, "what is it?".  I decided to get a little more clever with my response, because I always  know another question will follow.  I replied that I just received my mother of the year reward.  Which was of course followed by, "Why?".  That pretty much summed it up.  I explained that it was a self nominated award and I was lucky to be the winner.  That seemed to satisfy that round of questions. 

More fall items to come...corduroy, ruffles, rick rack, oh my!

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So much to little time!

Blog this....facebook that...etsy graphic designer...order fabric...oh yah and sleep.

The month of July has been a fun ride.  I decided it was time to get an official logo of sorts for my little LucyJaneStudio.  How hard can this be?  I am the girl that picked black bridesmaids dresses for her wedding, just so I could change the flowers at the last minute...if needed.  So, you ask me to pick out a logo and my head starts to spin.  It looks like this is in the running....

Maybe a different flower concept or no flower or maybe some squiggles...ahhhh!!!!!  Feedback much appreciated....

I am working with an awesome graphics designer I found on Etsy - NBCreative . She has been very patient and great to work with.  I'm very excited to see what our final edition will look like.

I also just met with a photographer to do some pictures for my website -Heidi Stone.  Love her work and super fun to work with.  I'm working on new items for the fall, so stay tuned!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Beach Bags are Here!

Introducing the MEGA beach bag by Lucy Jane!  Being a mom of twins, I have discovered that simple tasks like getting to the neighborhood pool or beach can be a challenge.  So, I decided to make a beach bag big enough to hold all our stuff.  The MEGA bag will easily hold 4 towels plus all your other goodies.  A plastic zip pocket on the inside is large enough to hold your phone, keys and pool card.

Check out these great features:
1.  Exterior is durable printed canvas
2.  Liner is a durable nylon - perfect for getting a little wet
3.  Straps are made out of durable canvas or nylon
4.  Large plastic zip pocket on interior to keep your phone, keys and pool card dry!
5.  A removable hard bottom is perfect for getting all the sand out of your bag
6.  Removable bottom is made out of a plastic canvas, so it will hold up to water.  It is of course lined with a super cute coordinating print.
7.  Easily fits four beach towels and still enough room for all your other goodies
8.  Super cute and comfy to carry!

Beach bags will be available for sale at The bag folds up easily, so it is also the perfect addition to any vacation trip.   More prints to come!!!!

A medium and small tote will also be available (for trips without the kiddos).

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Rules of Engagement

There are necessary survival skills as a mother that you must attain.  I like to think of them as my rules of engagement.  Because, as we know, we are in battle.  Okay, a little dramatic.  More or less we are trying to make sure that WE (us included) stay safe during a normal day.  Here are a few simple rules that I follow:

1.  If the house is too quiet, be afraid, be very afraid!
2.  If there is too much giggling, be afraid, be very afraid!
3.  Whispers are generally a plot against mom.
4.  Cookies are your leverage...use them wisely.
5.  Duct tape is your ally.  Always remember to think like mom MacGyver.
6.  Gated communities are not just for the rich...I created one right inside my own home.
7.  And my favorite daily saying is..."This too shall pass."

Onto some more fun projects.  I recently made a diaper bag for a good friend to give to her good friend.  I used to work with both gals, so it was lots of fun doing this project.  It has lots of pockets...perfect for all the stuff we have to lug around.  When my twins were first born, I was convinced that I had packed our entire kitchen!  Little pockets on the top are just the right size for your cell phone, pacifiers, keys and so much more!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Did I Not Get The Memo?

We go to college for 4 plus years to get our degrees, we attend extensive training classes to do our first job, we go to regular meetings and reviews to know just how we are doing in our profession, so I wonder if I missed the memo.   

The idea of being a mom was all blissful and perfect.  My vision was very clear.  I would wake up in the morning, prepare a wonderful breakfast, dress them for our daily activity and play for hours.  So, I am now wondering if I missed the Mom Memo.  You see, when I had my summer job at Old Navy, they trained me for four hours before I could stand out on the floor and say, "Hello, Welcome to Old Navy".  When I took my first job, I had months of training so I knew exactly my roles and responsibilities.  So, again, I think myself, did I not get the memo.

Being a mom is such an adventure.  One with very little training.  We seek out other moms who share our similar interests, listen to our mother's advice and pretty much stumble through this job hoping we are doing the right thing.  I work daily on my patience to understand that a two year old has very little control over their emotions.  I try to remember that these days are numbered and precious.  I work to be the role model that I should and teach my children the concept of love.  I guess that is why we don't have training classes for this job.  We are our best teachers.  Each child is different, each parent has their own style, and we all are just trying our best.  Some days are wonderful and perfect and pretty much what I envisioned.  Other days are a struggle and a challenge and not at all what I expected.  But, in the end, this is pretty much the most rewarding job I will ever have. 

Monday, May 17, 2010

Lovin' the Custom!

I had lots of fun working with a mom on this project.  I have a NORAH dress listed in this fabric, but trimmed in red.  Her four year old did not think that was very matching and wanted something different.  It made me laugh a lot and made me love the mind of little kids even more.  They know what they want and they are not afraid to say it.  A lesson we all could use sometimes!  So, after many conversations it was determined that navy and white polka dots would do the trick.  Here are a few pics of the project.  Thanks, Crissy, for inspiring me to put this together.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fresh and Fun for Summer!

I love madras plaids, so I thought I would throw out a new fresh look for a nursing cover. This combo makes me think of taking the kids to the park or a Saturday morning at a farmer's market.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where did April go?

I think I blinked and April is almost over. It has been a busy one! The boys got baptized a couple weeks ago. A little old for the normal Catholic crowd, but baptized none the less. My husband leans over during the baptism and says, "Don't drop them in the water". I look and him and ask who picks them up all day long and carries them down the stairs together. I laughed and said not too worry, I've been practicing for this one.

Yikes, might need a haircut before the big baptism...

Uncle Tom helping George with his tie...

Teddy showing mom his boo boo before the big thing...getting lots of sympathy from Aunt Katie.
This the big moment, don't drop him...

Look at me mom, I'm a Catholic now!

I've been working on some new things for Lucy Jane...keep watching. Baby blankets, ruffle onsies, aprons and new purse designs. I think in my mind there are more than 24 hours in one day! Keep watching...

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Who doesn't LOVE free shipping? For one day only, all items in my store will ship for FREE!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Summer is HERE!

Doesn't it always seem like life starts to go at warp speed once summer hits. It is like we spend all winter hibernating and at first sight of green we come alive. I find my normal drives more enjoyable, my clothes a little lighter and sunglasses in full swing. Yes, summer is almost here! I've been working very hard to try to keep up with orders and still make some new things.

So, on that note, I would like to introduce a couple of my new friends. Meet AGGIE..."Hello, Aggie."

Now, Meet LILLY....

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You Know Your a Mom When...

-You go around the same parking lot 3 times, because the toddlers in the back squeal with delight for the thrill of a speed bump.
-You find getting nine children of the same age together a fun pass time.
-You discuss poop more than you ever imagined.
- You realize that duct tape has many uses - for instance, keeping a diaper on during naptime.
- You sing "My Bonnie" ten times in a row.
- A thirty minute drive turns into your only time to have your own thoughts.
- You realize that you would do anything for your children, experiencing the feeling of being truly selfless.
-You get to experience life through the eyes of the truly innocent.

Feel free to share funny things you have done lately. I love to hear all of the funny and crazy stories of other moms. My moms of multiples have some pretty funny ones!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Fellow Boilermakers, don't hold this one against me...

I was asked by a very good friend to make her little girls Michigan State dresses. Always being up for a challenge, I put my black and gold pride aside and began to sew. I figured I might earn some extra points with our Detroit family. Although I might lose equal points with the UofM crowd up there. Oh, you just can't win. In the end, cuteness always wins!